Has Facebook Peaked?

These days’ people spent a lot of time on Facebook From a recent report, it has been found that a single individual spent at least 6+ hours on Facebook. There is no doubt that there are more Facebook users compared to other social media users, but it seems to be few ripples with the most popular social media site. In the last few months, it has been seen that Facebook is facing some crisis. According to a study, it has been found that the percentage of posts with the words and images of the user fell is around 21 if we see the statistic of 2014 and 2015. It also says that the decrease percentage of posts shared by the users is more than 5.5 percent, which seems like a small number but is a very noticeable change. This Bristol agency agrees.

There are a lot of signs that, the growth of Facebook may have peaked. It is undoubtedly not as the platform of media or some place where people spend most of their free time and not as a business. But as a social networking site where people connect with their friends and acquaintances – the growth of Facebook may be just started to diminish. To clear this point, it would be a lot easier if the actual number of active users is used. According to the last study, it was found that there are more than 1.6 billion active Facebook users and almost 1 billion logging to Facebook. But, the central fact that should be noted is, not all of them use Facebook as a platform of socializing. A very smaller people use the social media, Facebook to get known to someone else. According to the confidential data acquired by the tech blog called as “The Information,” it was said that the amount of original sharing is decreasing in Facebook. By original sharing, they meant, the posts by the people about themselves and their lives. It was also said that these articles are shared by them elsewhere on the web.

Due to the decrease in the sharing of original posts and pictures by Facebook users, a lot of tech experts such as SEO company Prothero IM are saying that Facebook has peaked. If we study the overall change of the number of shared posts by the data and information, we receive from the different authentic sources; it is pretty much clear that the growth of Facebook is decreasing or at the verge of decline. But, whatever is the effect on the total number of the company, the phenomenon is undeniable and genuine. Posting photos of your shoes, makeup, football boots, baby, vacation, status updates that tell the people about your mood or what is going on your mind, flirtatious notes or instant messages to a secret crush, etc. are called as an interpersonal interaction which you mainly do with the people you are close with. There are many ways to limit the audience of your posts. What Facebook monitors, how much you are interacting with people. As new socializing apps are emerging and most of the people are not interested in friendship with a total stranger, Facebook surely has become a lot boring, and this is the reason behind the decrease in growth of Facebook.  

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