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What's the best way to say hello?

With a hug and a kiss.

If you were to star in a porno, what would your screen name be?

I love this game. Fuzzy Sweetzer.

Tell us three facts about Jack Tripper, one of the greatest characters in TV history.

He wasn't gay. He wanted both the women he lived with.

Is he a photographer?

No. Oh, and he goes to the Regal Beagle.

Do you throw like a girl?

No, I throw like a guy. I'm an athlete.

Who's your favorite member of the Sheen/Estevez clan?

I would say Martin, because of Apocalypse Now. He's such a talented actor; the whole family is. We actually had his daughter, Renee Estevez, on JAG. She was a sweetie.

What's the sexiest bit of clothing you own?

Black stiletto pumps-Manolo Blahniks-that wrap around my foot and have grommets in them. They're a very classy version of a dominatrix heel. I could wear those with anything: jeans, lingerie, or even better, by themselves.

Who does the home improvements, you or your husband?

Usually him, and if he can't, we call someone. I'm more into electronics. Give me a VCR to program or a remote to figure out and I will.

What was his trick for landing you?

I saw him across a room and went after him. I put my number in his back pocket, gave him a little pat and said to call me. He thought his friends put me up to it as a joke, so he never called. So, of course, I totally fell in love. I saw him again and gave him a hard time for not calling me.

Give us a description of your best dance move.

I do what I'll call "the conga." It's the hip shake, with my arms kind of up but soft, while the hips are swaying. I bite my lip while doing it, or keep my tongue on my upper lip.

Any good surprises on the FHM photo shoot?

We did it on the Queen Mary! It was fantastic. There was a guy who worked there who was looking for a guy named Nick-all day long. When we were changing, or when we were shooting, he'd walk by yelling, "Nick, Nick!" but looking at us. Four hours later and you're still looking for "Nick" and you happen to be staring at me while I'm changing into a bikini? Yeah, right.

Name five states that start with the letter M.

Minnesota. Montana. Hang on. Is Michigan a state? Michigan. I'm going through the whole map in my head.

Are you forgetting the rednecks and the bayou?

Isn't that Louisiana? Missouri? Oh, and Mississippi! That's five!

When is it OK to call a guy a bitch?

I've called some women bitches, but I've never called a guy a bitch. I'm going
to have to use that.

What roles have you passed on and now regret?

It's usually the other way around. There will be a part I really want and think is so cool, but then I end up not getting it. It then ends up being a horrible movie or just a total flop. Most of them went straight to video. It's happened six times. An angel has been watching over me.

You have 20 seconds to clarify a rumor you've heard about yourself.

I don't have cancer. Also, I heard that I was sleeping with all these people on the set of JAG. So many people that I couldn't even keep track of them-cast and producers. I got none of the benefits and all the bad stuff.

How far would you go with a dying man if his last wish were to be with you?

I would . . . that's terrible! I wouldn't go that far. I'd be like, "I feel for you, hon, but how about a handshake?" Maybe a massage. I used to be a massage therapist, so maybe a massage.

Guys who drive flashy cars: big dicks or no dicks?

That's a trick question. Right away, I'd say no dick. But I love flashy cars. I drive a CL500 Mercedes and I want a Ferrari-a Modena Spider.

But a woman with a fast car, isn't that just hot?

True. So yeah, I'd have to say small penis. Especially the huge monster trucks with those massive wheels. I'm like, "Dude, how small is it?"

What's your policy on car sex?

The Mercedes works. I used to have a little two-seater thing, and that was a bit tougher. It should be a roomy car, but front seat, back seat, whatever you like. Am I blushing?

On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate yourself as a lover?

A nine-and-a-half. I would say 10, but that sounds a little cocky. And there are some things that I don't know how to do.

When was the last time you made a guy cry?

I could make you cry right now. I made a boyfriend cry when I broke up with him. He was too good a guy. He quit his job and followed me around. I was like, "You have to go." Of course, he cried. I was like, "Dude, that's exactly why I'm breaking up with you! Go away!"

Who's really the toughest: Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines?

The Marines! Hell yeah, because I'm a Marine on JAG! They really are though. Their motto is "riflemen first." They're pretty hardcore.



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