These days’ people spent a lot of time on Facebook From a recent report, it has been found that a single individual spent at least 6+ hours on Facebook. There is no doubt that there are more Facebook users compared to other social media users, but it seems to be few ripples with the most popular social media site. In the last few months, it has been seen that Facebook is facing some crisis. According to a study, it has been found that the percentage of posts with the words and images of the user fell is around 21 if we see the statistic of 2014 and 2015. It also says that the decrease percentage of posts shared by the users is more than 5.5 percent, which seems like a small number but is a very noticeable change. This Bristol agency agrees.

There are a lot of signs that, the growth of Facebook may have peaked. It is undoubtedly not as the platform of media or some place where people spend most of their free time and not as a business. But as a social networking site where people connect with their friends and acquaintances – the growth of Facebook may be just started to diminish. To clear this point, it would be a lot easier if the actual number of active users is used. According to the last study, it was found that there are more than 1.6 billion active Facebook users and almost 1 billion logging to Facebook. But, the central fact that should be noted is, not all of them use Facebook as a platform of socializing. A very smaller people use the social media, Facebook to get known to someone else. According to the confidential data acquired by the tech blog called as “The Information,” it was said that the amount of original sharing is decreasing in Facebook. By original sharing, they meant, the posts by the people about themselves and their lives. It was also said that these articles are shared by them elsewhere on the web.

Due to the decrease in the sharing of original posts and pictures by Facebook users, a lot of tech experts such as SEO company Prothero IM are saying that Facebook has peaked. If we study the overall change of the number of shared posts by the data and information, we receive from the different authentic sources; it is pretty much clear that the growth of Facebook is decreasing or at the verge of decline. But, whatever is the effect on the total number of the company, the phenomenon is undeniable and genuine. Posting photos of your shoes, makeup, football boots, baby, vacation, status updates that tell the people about your mood or what is going on your mind, flirtatious notes or instant messages to a secret crush, etc. are called as an interpersonal interaction which you mainly do with the people you are close with. There are many ways to limit the audience of your posts. What Facebook monitors, how much you are interacting with people. As new socializing apps are emerging and most of the people are not interested in friendship with a total stranger, Facebook surely has become a lot boring, and this is the reason behind the decrease in growth of Facebook.  


Business Technology Trends in 2016

At this point in time one of the factors in a small businesses success is determined by their access to technology, even small craft based businesses rely on technology now.  Technology can be the dividing line between large successful businesses and the small mom and pop neighborhood business.  If you want to beat your competition in 2016 you need to embrace new technology, it could turn out to be the contributing factor to your success.  Put together the right business plan along with the right technology and you’ll be at the top of your game.

So what are some of the business technology trends in 2016?  Here are just a few of them:

Virtual Employees

Just over a year ago there was a study done that concluded that more than 60% of office workers will work from home by the year 2022, that’s only 5 years away.  The reason this hasn’t happened sooner is that the productivity applications and collaboration platforms aren’t quite developed enough to make it feasible.  This doesn’t mean breaking up a highly successful team, it just changes the manner in which they work together.  Not to mention the massive cost savings by not having to lease office space any longer.  Here is a video explaining how it will work.

Customer Service is Online

Communication with your customers is vital to your success, and customer service is enhanced by offering more options to communicate.  If your customers can easily reach you in a variety of ways that works for them it is better for everyone.  Set up a chat service on your website, have easily accessible phone numbers and don’t overlook social media as a way for clients to reach you.

Flexible Payment Systems

Like communication, payment methods have certainly come a long way.  It used to be only cash or check not too long ago, now with more and more people shopping online there is now several different methods to make payments.  Credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google checkout, PayPal and even accepting the virtual currency Bitcoin.  If your business is eCommerce be prepared to take any or all of the mentioned payments.

Smart inventory management

There used to be a time where businesses didn’t really track their inventory.  That is virtually unheard of today, it is often integrated into your POS system and you have your inventory counts at your fingertips.  Don’t allow poor tracking to stop you from making sales or interrupting cash flow.  Use a smart inventory system to keep track of everything.


Digital Marketing Basics for Local Businesses

All digital marketing is, is taking modern technology and using it to get your product or service in front of potential customers.  Digital marketing relies on the internet as a medium to promote your products.  It is now a vital component of everyday marketing, no matter the type of product you market.  A solid online presence will help you to attract more customers.

Digital marketing is a pretty broad term and it includes a couple of different methods of getting your message out, working with a digital marketing agency then can help you understand which services will serve your business best.  Here are some of the digital marketing basics for your business.

Newsletter & Email

This was probably the original method of digital marketing, and it is the sending of personalized but still highly targeted messages reaching out to local consumers.  Email is an important way to stay in touch with your customers and you can also use it to promote local products, services or sales that you have going on.  Even local businesses can use it to send messages to customers who sign up for your newsletters.

Pay per Click (PPC)

This is where you increase your visibility by using sponsored links that show up in the first four slots of the search engines.  You target keywords that your potential customers are searching for and your costs for this type of marketing will vary on how competitive those keywords are.  Keywords in industries like law, real estate and insurance can be very expensive.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social media marketing has exploded over the last couple of years, using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get your brand right in front of customers.  Using social media allows you to improve your brand’s image, build an online presence, highlight your products and services and interact directly with your customers.  Social media marketing is growing and this is one of the directions marketing will be going in the future.


Search Engine Optimization is where you build a campaign so your website will rank higher on different search engines.  Most SEO agencies will focus their efforts on Google since it is responsible for more than 70% of all searches.  It consists of onpage optimization, creating strong content and building links to your website.

You need to have a solid grasp of the forms of digital marketing if you want to build a campaign for your business.  Digital marketing is now a part of every marketing plan regardless of the type of business you’re in and it generates leads and revenue faster than traditional methods business have relied on for so long.